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  • Chris did a fantastic job for our recent wedding! He worked with us to customize music for the ceremony and special dances. During dinner he set the atmosphere with background music, while still allowing everyone to chat and enjoy each others' company. Once the dance party started it didn't stop until our venue kicked us out :) He did a fantastic job keeping everyone dancing and having a great time. I know that one point I told myself that I would go use the bathroom when he played a song I didn't like - that never happened! I would highly recommend him!

    Carin M

  • Chris and Candace are awesome! Chris kept the party going all night at our wedding and helped us so much with the little details. Candace saved the day when our photographer bailed 2 weeks before our wedding day. She took amazing photos and so great to work with!

    Caitlin H

  • It's hard planning a wedding from states away, but Chris did a phenomenal job with the music it was seamless and one of the easiest things about our wedding planning. We had an American and Ukrainian wedding and he was able to find Ukrainian songs last minute(at the wedding) to play at the reception which really made his family feel welcomed. He really knew how to get the guests up and dancing with an icebreaker dance and each song seamlessly flowed into the next. He listened to all of our requests and suggestions and made them a reality and it ended up being a perfect day for us.

    Deanna I

  • Our Story

    I was an automotive mechanic for 15 years. I enjoy watching football and playing video games. I began learning to be a wedding DJ in 2008 and worked with a few clients a year. My wife Candace is a stay-at-home Mom of 2 beautiful girls and enjoys cooking. She has been a photographer since she was young. She has a natural eye for capturing the most amazing photos as they happen. Adding in the classes taken in college, and better camera equipment, Candace has taken her skills to the next level. In 2015, we made the decision to try to make it work and got our business license. In the Spring of 2016, our business was successful enough that I was able to quit my day job fixing cars and continue my dream. Not knowing she was a photographer when we first met, it was meant to be when we set off on our adventure together as a DJ/Photographer team.

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